New website launch


Ten years have passed, since I launched my very first homepage here on But similar to one’s life and career, technology advances and moves on in this interval of time. What I once found high-tech and trendy, is now a manifestation of the past, and while it may hold sentimental value it has lost its practical function.


I have therefore decided to create a new website, designed as a more elaborate “podium” showcasing my activities and persona from various perspectives. I worked closely together with a team of professionals who have helped me shape my ideas into this new platform, which we hope you will find informative, personal and comprehensive.


I would hereby like to thank Balázs Böröcz, for turning my ideas into a visually compelling and functionally unambiguous design, and for highlighting my personality with his witty and thought-provoking images.


I am very grateful to Móni László for always asking the right and most critical questions, thereby helping me eloquently express who I am, and effectively define how to engage my audience in a way that best represents my personality.


And finally, I would like to thank the Philip Loubser Foundation for their generous financial support towards making all of this possible. Through their initiative, the ENO Sir Charles Mackerras Fellowship, they’ve opened up the doors to the world of opera for me in 2012. And now, five years later, maintaining their nurturing activity towards my career, they have helped me take this further important step forward.



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