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  • more-than-money

    More than money

    In 2012, I was the first recipient of English National Opera's Mackerras Conducting Fellowship, made possible by the Philip Loubser Foundation. I explain how the opportunities for mentoring and interaction with artists across a variety of genres are as valuable as the conducting experience.

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  • magyar-music

    Magyar Music (Part 1)

    Hungarians aren’t only famous for their mighty moustaches, paprika-heavy cuisine and beautiful women, but also for their rich musical heritage. Around the regime change in 1989, Hungary, like many other post-communist countries, has started to re-discover its roots to...

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  • epos-working-with-likeminded-people

    Working with like-minded people

    Once members of Abbado's famous Gustav Mahler Jugendorchester, now they are musicians of the leading orchestras worldwide. Escaping from our everyday routine, we met in Montreux for a weekend to...

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“Excitement? Absolutely. Madaras is a master of whipping up a brilliant ending.”
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